Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Braindead of Winter Activity Number Nine: Start an ambitious art project and then abandon it due to inclement weather and forgetfulness

I was working on a month-long art project on March 1 and 2, but then I suddenly went to Bloomington, Indiana. I intended to take my computer with me. I neglected to do so. I thought I would only have a day-long gap in the project, but then the skies of Indiana vomited toward the earth on our way home, and we stayed at a Motel 6.

That's Braindead of Winter Activity Number Ten, by the way: Stay at a Motel 6. The bedspreads are killer.

So now it hasn't been done for two days, which means that I've not worked on it for as long as I've worked on it, which means...I'll start it over again in April.

Braindead of Winter Activity Number Eleven: Wait till April.


Jack Morgan said...

I am so sorry that you guys are still experiencing mind numbing winter. It's Tshirt weather here. I mean, properly warm and shit.

Anonymous said...

Garrr! That makes me so jealous. Fellow Literati, let's move to Jack's house.