Monday, March 24, 2008

Coincidence or coinky-dink? You decide.

Do you guys wanna know something weird. Wait...first I must summon Jack Morgan to the Venom blogo-sphereite.
Jaaaaaaaackkk, Jaaaaaaackkkk....Donnie Deutsch is here. He wants to talk to you about lead toys and tiny poems on wasted pages of paper! The poems are great but you must recycle something to atone. This the 2000's after all. But you live in California so you probably have a car that runs on good vibes or else you start out a day early for appointments because you walk everywhere. So you are now forgiven. BUT!!!! I am way off point.
All I really wanted to say is- I was logging on to check my email and I saw a little red book on my desk. I assumed that it was another frivolous item purchased by my reading obsessed girlfriend whom you know from this blog as Sarah. (I'll speak with you later, young lady.) Anyway, I read the whole short volume in one sitting (RARE INDEED!) and found on the last page the image of a boat with the words "Stormy Petrel" printed under it.
Where am I going with this and who is that handsome woman in the image? Alas! I am the Stormy Petrel! And the woman in the image is me!
Let me clarify. Jack Morgan has written an excellent bookie-let (it's littleish) called "Dearest Children of the Revolution, I am Pleased to Announce My Resignation" and it is published by Stormy Petrel Press. I am currently performing in the play "Top Girls" by Caryl Churchill, in the role of Isabella Bird who is THE Stormy Petrel named so by friends "because of her passion for howling winds and rain".
Look it up bitches!


Anonymous said...

That is so weird! You and Jack Morgan are psychically connected.

Also, speaking of psychic connection, Kathy had a dream that I dyed my hair and I totally did. She's, like, the new Medium.

Anonymous said...

Also, I like that Jack's chapbook is printed, not electronic. I like to hold books. Computers hurt my weak, increasingly bat-like eyes.

So there. We're fighting now, Isabella.

Kathy said...

it's always exciting when things turn out to be about abby.

but for reals you guys, i think i have the gift of clairvoyance. remember how i said on saturday night that i am going to start having spiritual beliefs? all i had to do was MENTION that and boom! visions.

a whole new life is awaiting me.

Anonymous said...

A clarification from Abby: She does not object to printed works of literature. She was just making a comment on the white space of poets.