Monday, March 3, 2008

Braindead Activity 7 - discover internet celebrity, Moo

Chris Crocker has nothing on Moo, the hottest internet celebrity I have found on YouTube in the last five minutes. For your next braindead activity, check out this video, "Moo mooing Properly", then watch the original "Moo mooing" video, "Moo learns to walk", and "Moo, tired and scurrying" (spoiler: she doesn't really scurry).


Kathy said...

moo scurrying is a hit. it is my computer's #1 most played youtube video for today between the hours of 5:05 and 5:09.

people in offices are not allowed to go home at 5 anymore.

Megan said...

oh that is sooo cute. i can moo like that but it's not cute at all.