Thursday, March 6, 2008

it's going to be 55 next week

It's going to be 55 degrees in Chicago next week, people. Your next braindead assignment is to try to recall what you and your friends look like when not covered in 17 layers of thermal underwear. I imagine it will be just like that scene in the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal, when the evil Skesis attack a hunchback, ripping off all his clothes to reveal a terrifying birdlike creature, 10% of its original size.

I can't even remember what I look like. I think once my pointy ears appear, I will look like a Gelfling and will play a mystical flute while climbing mountains to save humanity. I feel bad for youth born after 1982 who missed the totally fucked up Dark Crystal and became E.T. people and probably sociopaths.


Megan said...

dark crystal was so scary. what was the scariest guy's name? is that the one with nicodemus in it?

Meghan said...

Nicodemus is from The Secret of Nimh, which is totally dark and scary too! We should make some special brownies and have a marathon.