Monday, March 17, 2008

I can't believe it's winter again

I was thinking about it this morning, and I'm pretty sure we all called it back by having such a Braindead of Winter weekend. Most of us spent at least two hours in the suburbs. Most of us purchased things while we were there. Most of us ate at chain restaurants, such as The Olive Garden.

This evening, I am going to walk home in the freezing rain and perform complicated rituals of my own devising to make it be seventy degrees by next week.

Also, I finished Elizabeth Crane's You Must Be This Happy To Enter in like three hours and now I have nothing to read. Someone should recommend something. Or loan me something.

Let's have a meeting on Friday. On my deck. We'll bundle up in (faux) down comforters and sip hot cider. We can talk about how being happy might be connected to believing in god and then stare into space and sigh.


Kathy said...

but the olive garden was soooo romantic. also, we can't meet this friday because we're going to vinnie's show. duh. let's meet saturday.

Anonymous said...

That's true. It was really romantic. We treated ourselves like it was Monday.

Vinnie's show, yes. Saturday. Saturday okay with everyone else?

Meghan said...

You miss one trip to the Olive Garden and suddenly, nothing makes sense. Did they still have those breadsticks? And that salad?
You should read the new Pagan Kennedy book about transgender dudes in the 1940's who become starving fake Buddhists (The First Man-Made Man). Even the index is fascinating. Excerpt: "tube pedicles, 63, vaginal construction 97, Vanderburgh, Reid 192"

Anonymous said...

I am going to buy that right now. When I worked at the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, I read all of Pagan Kennedy's 'zines.

Meghan said...

The book is awesome. Kennedy sometimes gets criticized for her "flat" tone, but it works perfectly with the subject matter. I especially enjoyed the understated description of a virginal transgender sailor/doctor giving an "orchidectomy" to an aspiring woman and race-car driver who once ate raw cats at a POW camp.

Megan said...

saturday es gut.

who's the olive garden? who is god? i don't know what the fuck's going on anymore either.

Anonymous said...

Abby's family is coming on Saturday. We shall ride anyway.