Friday, February 29, 2008

Braindead-of-Winter Activity Number Five

Spend your extra day during the year working at your office job. Chuckle mindlessly when the Starbucks lady says calories don't count today because today doesn't really exist. Wonder if you might actually be friends with this Starbucks lady if a counter didn't separate you. Decide you wouldn't.

Order decaf.


Megan said...

i once encountered a chick working at starbucks whom i had met like a week before at a party. this girl had gone to grinnell and was super smartypants at the party. then i saw her working at starbucks and i was like ok, why? but somehow she instantly became even smarter-seeming because she worked at starbucks. and i felt even stupider than i had felt talking to her at the party.

Anonymous said...

In general the quality of Starbucks employees is way higher than, like, almost anywhere else. It is because of the stellar benefits.