Monday, June 23, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting Rejections, Tambien

I am stealing Meghan's post idea because I don't have any ideas of my own. When I write I puke out of my brain. When I talk I puke out my mouth. When I think it is about Ice Capades, or barracudas, or the song barracuda. I like to be silent and play with my cat. I want to become mute. Then I would have an excuse.

I just received a rejection from la petite zine for something I sent them last September. They said there was such a delay because I made it so far in their reading process, but really they definitely lost my submission for several months.

I hate when I read a submission later, after it's rejected, and realize it was really bad when at the time I sent it I thought it was brilliant.

Also I hate when I send stuff somewhere because I think it is way better than other peoples' stuff that I have read there, and then I get rejected and the other bad people become famous overnight.

Also, I want to win things. I never win things. I won a wooden game at a raffle in elementary school once. Also in seventh grade I won an autographed photo of Debbie Gibson, which I gave to Missy because she was such an enormous fan.

I am awaiting rejections from all of these contests I sent my book to forever ago. I am pretty sure they will all flood my mailbox at once.


Anonymous said...

i won a hand mirror once. also an overnight stay in a fancy hotel in evanston.

it is much easier to win business things than creative things. i am starting a movement where we disguise our creative things as business things and convince others we just have a larger buzzword vocab.

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I think identity theft could only help our careers. I'm going to submit everything from now on under the name Johnny Lunchbreak.