Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brian Evenson now the judge of every single fiction contest in America

I have nothing against Brian Evenson, but he’s quite a prolific judge of experimental fiction competitions. There should be term limits on these positions. Next year, I'd like to elect Wayne Koestenbaum.

Evensonian Fiction Contests, a partial list:
Opium 7 line contest
Caketrain Chapbook Competition
Noemi Press Chapbook Competition
FC2 fiction contest (one of the judges)
Diagram Innovative $5 Fiction Contest


matthew said...

i noticed this too
i have been gchatting about it in a sarcastic way
does anybody know what kind of things brian evenson will choose to win contests?
i am trying to get insider's reports
i need moneys

Megan said...

this is way too many. he is becoming a monopoly. isn't that illegal or something?

Kathryn said...

no one knows anything about brian evenson except that he judges things.

Meghan said...

It's a waste of a lot of $15 checks. I think they should all retire and find some other way to earn discretionary income. Even if he's generous and works for free. If I wanted to pay a ridiculous amount of money for Brian Evenson to repeatedly like or not like my work, I would've gone to Brown for my MFA.

Meghan said...

You're hilarious Kathy. They should have only poets judge fiction from now on. Poetry contests are always surrounded with scandal and intrigue.

Meghan said...

Also, we've all probably just screwed ourself out of winning the Brian Evenson Fiction Award. I'd like to start an award called Bitch Hat where people try to write the most middle-class 2008 New Yorker story ever. It has to be in third person and contain compelling characters and use the word "frond"

Josh Maday said...

Koestenbaum '09