Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waving at chicks

I have never liked to be a regular, despite really feeling comforted by routine. It's because I don't like strangers to have any dirt on me. Or to form unnecesary relationships.

The fact that I'm moving makes me more open to human interaction because I know I won't have to maintain energy-consuming false friendships.

I feel like it's okay if I talk to my neighbor because it no longer means we'll have to chat every time I'm on my deck forever and ever. This is reminiscent of when a friend of mine decided to start waving at hot chicks a week before he moved.
I have been responding in a geniune and non-crabby fashion when people ask me questions. Also, I have started listening to people. Here are some resulting direct quotes (from three total strangers):

"He uses the same sponge to do the dishes as to clean his ass!"

"You been through a 12-step program?"

"I'm just worried it's starting to smell."

Mostly, it turns out I just don't want to talk to strangers about potential gangrene. I am going to scrunch into my angry face again. And start waving at chicks. They will probably be frightened because I will look mean.


Meghan said...

You are totally going to start a chicken farm in Indiana. You won't eat the chickens and the roosters will be out of control. Your neighbors will move.

Anonymous said...

that is a really, really good idea.