Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm excited for a new round of rejection letters!

I just sent out a couple new stories over the weekend and can hardly wait for the first rejection letter to roll in! Seriously. Rejection letters make me feel productive and like things are happening. It doesn't matter if it is a form letter or a slightly personalized letter. You can even send me one if I haven't sent you anything.

Also, this weekend, I bought a sweet-ass record player that converts vinyl to mp3s, which I am way too lazy to ever do. Record players today are not as exciting as my old school Technics record player that broke like five years ago, sending me on a neverending quest to find some tiny plastic part no one has ever heard of. My new player looks janky and like it could crack apart at any moment. It's probably completely made of styrofoam, like my new air conditioner. That is so exciting.


Anonymous said...

You have an excellent attitude! And shoddy electronics!

Kathryn said...

yay you are cute!

Venom Literati said...

you are all totally the hottest things ever.