Monday, June 9, 2008

weird fish gross fish sleepingfish

venom literati has a new bestie. his name is greg lytle. he used to wear diapers with matthew savoca. he draws things and takes pictures of things. i really like his comic strip kevan. he animated these weird gross dead fish for a rap video. gross right? weird right? you should watch the video. his animation is super fantastic.

also i am a big jerk because sleepingfish came out a few weeks ago and i forgot to say it. i'm in that. i really like basically everything in it, and i am not just saying that. i looked at it again just now. it is really good. i think my favorites are the two things by brian foley. i am his new biggest fan. also it is really beautiful looking, just like everything that comes from calamari press. so you should order sleepingfish or if you don't feel like owning new things, you can borrow it from me.


matthew said...

it sounds like you mean we just used to walk around wearing diapers. not that we have known eachother since we were wearing diapers in the acceptable age bracket for wearing diapers without being ridiculed, but whatev

Anonymous said...

Those fish are gross. I like them.

Megan said...

those fish are gross. they turn my stomach. i am not sure about them.

also, i can't believe people meet their artistic soul mates while they are still in diapers. i think it is something that could happen only in the 17th century. or to rimbaud or some shit. this makes me jealous.

Kathy said...

matthew, i was trying to see if i could get you to say whatev. it worked.