Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jeff Koons is so sweet and adorable and naive

Check out this adorable video clip of Jeff Koons. He has stuff at the MCA right now.

I took some students there yesterday. They did not know what to think; they giggled a lot in an embarrassed way; I think they think Jeff Koons is silly in a bad way, or maybe that he is retarded, or maybe that he is just a perv for having all those boobs flopping around in all his paintings.

When they did or said these things I referred them to the internet, as all good teachers should do, rather than having a conversation with them about what art is. I could not handle that conversation yesterday.

Anyway, I wish my philosophy of writing was like Jeffy's philosophy of his art. We should invite him to our next meeting and he can give us all bubble baths or something. I definitely want him to wash my hair.


Kathryn said...

wow jeff is so loving. he is my new lama.

Meghan said...

I think we should invite his 90 assistants, not him. And they will make us a giant snake balloon which is actually made of aluminum.

Meghan said...

Also, we should invite his ex-wife, a former porn star, member of Italian parliament and kidnapper.

Anonymous said...

jeff koons is the person who took away my last shred of naivety. Up until I learned about his 90 assistants, I thought artists made their art. I should watch the video before I judge. I am judgy.