Thursday, June 12, 2008

novels are boring (usually)

I am so tired of novels, seeing them on store shelves or in the clammy hands of boring looking people on the train. I don't even like television shows with a storyline that carries on over too many episodes (Weeds, Season 3).

I was happily surprised to find Rivka Galchen's novel, Atmospheric Disturbances, at Unabridged Books. It has everything I used to like about novels: weird detached narrators with missing spouses (see Kobo Abe), evil twins, mental illness, and science that I don't understand.

I read somewhere that there are dwarves, but I haven't gotten to that part yet. Nothing about this book has that painted-into-a-corner feel, like the poor author is chasing some retarded plotline because they don't know how to cut it off and move in a new direction. Also, the author doesn't look smug and pleased with herself in the jacket photo. She has messy hair.

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Anonymous said...

you always know the good books. i am going to make you write me a summer reading list. no, that sounds awful. it makes me think of jane eyre.