Friday, February 22, 2008

Vote for Brady!

I'm about a year late on the the "news" that Jan and Marcia Brady used to make out. A few days ago, I saw on a very reliable news program (that one that isn't Entertainment Tonight) that Marcia Brady is starring in a country-themed reality show with Bobby Brown where she smokes, chews tobacco and has a "girl crush" on a somewhat attractive female country singer I've never heard of. Marcia Brady for President! Click here to hear her say something scandalous YouTube won't let me uh, embed.

Remember when Marcia and Greg ran against each other for class president? Me neither. But I bet it could provide some useful campaign tips for Barack and Hillary.


Anonymous said...

I have seen three of the six Brady children on reality television in the last week. Who will be the reality TV stars of the future? America's Next Top Models? Oh wait, that's already happened.

Megan said...

for real? this guy i used to date had a huge crush on jan brady, which always offended me. her voice sounds like a nervous-breakdown-voice. that's probably what he liked about her. dudes think mental breakdowns are so hot.