Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i wonder what hillary clinton is doing right now

i wish there was a live satellite feed on hillary clinton today. i want to watch her. i bet she is sitting in a chair in her den doing interviews whilst chelsea fixes her hair and fluffs her pillows.

sarah just had a that's-so-raven vision that chelsea is going to be president in 30 years.

i found pictures of all of the candidate's houses. huckabee's is the smallest. i am the most jealous of mitt romney's. guiliani has a cigar room. wasteful. mccain lives in a luxury condo in phoenix. lame.

if there was a live satellite feed on me today you would see me sitting at a desk that is too high for me so that my feet don't touch the ground. i am checking my gmail every 60 seconds. i am changing my status message every 15 minutes to reflect my most current emotions. i am drinking hot chocolate. right now it is papa bear. i am waiting for it to be baby bear. i am writing something about financial staffing. i am coughing. i am thinking about hillary clinton.


Anonymous said...

I still have a bad attitude today. Hillary Clinton is getting interviewed incessantly. I bet her cheeks hurt.

Mark my words: Chelsea will be president. I saw the effing future.

Jefe said...