Thursday, February 7, 2008

kathryn regina for president of space

Kathy was right. Robert Lopez's novel "Part of the World" is what we should've been reading all along. Anyone who has stumbled onto this blog looking for shirtless pictures of Barack Obama should read this book too.

Excerpt here


matthew said...

i am slightly confused in regards to the numbers and variations of meg(h)ans around these parts. perhaps an indepth clarification is warranted.

also, i heard that obama had gender reassignment surgery in college and that hillary eats babies.

Anonymous said...

There are two Meg(h)ans.
One is Megan.
The other is Meghan.

I heard that Obama force feeds morning after pills to college co-eds, and that Hillary is really good at sewing.

I want to read this book.

Meghan said...

I bought the last copy at Quimby's! Maybe Kathy will loan it to you. Venom Literati eats babies.

Kathy said...

omgwtfbbq this book is so good.

Megan said...

kathy only likes the book because she's a total perv. she said so.

Kathy said...