Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am running out of room under my bed and on that one shelf in the study

A couple of years ago, right after we had 1000 CDs printed, the band that was Abby and me decided to go on hiatus. Semi-permanent hiatus.

Right now, we are considering doing covers of songs that we like or think are funny like Flo Rida's Low, or Bed by J. Holiday. "I'm gonna love you till your eyes roll back!" But that is the future.

In the meantime, we have approximately 800 unsold, un-given-away copies of our album of original music: I'll Be Your Food.

Do you even know what 800 CDs looks like? It's a lot. It's like the entire underside of a king-sized bed, plus a 12-inch shelf. We live in an apartment with two closets. We have no storage because of our CD-printing folly.

Do you want one? You can totally buy a copy at CD Baby. Or else, you can just email me at, and I'll give you a deep discount. Like really deep.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that all cover art is by one Ms. Megan Martin, so you'll be showing your love for like 3/7ths of Venom Literati if you take one.

Megan said...

is it self-promotion week? because if it is that is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Every week is self-promotion week.

della said...

i love this cd. i already have a copy, but i'd like to help convince other people to buy it. as i mentioned on the night of megan's birthday party, this music felt especially right and perfect when i listened to it in new zealand. please court the new zealand market. i think they would like you.