Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Know what sucks?

Smoking/butts week, that's what. And also maybe Venom Literati as a whole for not being able to get our shiz together.

Let's make next week the Week.

This week is Scattered by Too Much Caffeine Week for me.

Hey, has everybody seen Kanye's (and Spike Jonze's) video for Flashing Lights? It's so awesome.

My horoscope says today is a good day for research and making new moves toward success. I love believing in my horoscope. I love making vague things mean what I want them to mean. I love hope. I love caffeine.


Megan said...

you should send that part about your whoroscope to sleepingfish. call it "whoroscope." heh heh. i am not bitter toward sleepingfish at all. not a bit. yep, let's make next week the week instead. this week can be procrastination week. or braindead-of-winter-week.

Megan said...

holy shit, that video is awesome. that might be my favorite video ever. i feel less braindead. i feel sorta inspired.