Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's make another week

You guys, I still miss Pee Week. I think the only way to get over it is by making another week of something. Let's decide of what, and then have this week next week. My vote is that it be something juvenile, like butts or boogers or something. Thoughts?

Also, I think we should call our weeks of immature literature "juvenile offenders." And plus also too, I am kidding about that.


Megan said...

we do need a week, indeed.

thinking about themes is stressful for me. it makes me feel like i'm trapped underwater, like on fear factor when they swim through the hoops and have to find the opening and meanwhile they're about to drown and die.

i cannot pick a theme. i will, however, participate if a theme is chosen. i would totally write about butts.

i am also okay with, like, posting a silly picture (like meghan's fake cat w/ ken) and making people write about that. that doesn't make me feel like i'm underwater at all. i don't know why that is different. maybe i'm afraid of patterns, not themes.

Meghan said...

I can't think about great butts right now. It's too depressing. What about smoking? Someone should write about that before writing about it is banned.

Anonymous said...

I like smoking. I did that as a juvenile.

Also, I like the cat and the Ken doll idea.

Kathy said...

what about hillary/barrack week? here are other proposed topics:

--exotic diseases

i like smoking too.

matthew said...

don't you guys see how smoking and butts are related?

matthew said...

maybe this month's theme week should be terrible-puns-about-smoking-and-butts week

Megan said...

i like the combination of two things that totally don't go together as a theme, like smoking and butts.