Thursday, February 7, 2008

Smokers For Obama!

So I am super disappointed. First of all because this post looks like shit because I tried to fit two pictures in. Second because I've spent a good portion of this morning looking for pics of Barack lighting up a cig, and all I've been able to find is this probably fake, probably airbrused one. I think this is a huge mistake on the part of Barack's campaign advisors. Because he is sucking it up with Latino voters, clearly he should be trying to make up for this deficit by fighting for the Smokers' Vote.

Everybody who has gone to college knows that the only cool people you ever meet during class are found outside the English Philosophy building between classes. Smoking. Look at JFK there, thoughtfully smoking while his brain runs amok with revolutionary thoughts...look how much more brilliant he looks with a cig in his mouth...I will admit that Barack looks more angry than thoughtful in his smoker pic, like he just lost a bunch of money at the racetrack, but whatevs. You get the point. He should be put on national TV in a big leather chair in front of a fireplace, wearing only a red, crushed velvet smoking jacket and drinking a brandy and chain smoking while he talks about Nietzsche and about how he, Barack, is the Ubermensch. And that we are all the Ubermensch. And that we shall inherit the earth.

Sorry girls, I like Hillary and all, but she will never look cool smoking a cig. I think she would grip it so tightly that it would completely deflate between her lips.

I anxiously await your hate mail about this post and the negative image I am propagating of Barack by publishing this picture. Also, I personally nominate myself to run the "Get the Smoke Out" portion of Barack's campaign.


Megan said...

can somebody else make this post look better please?

Kathy said...

i will!

Anonymous said...

We are soooo influencing the vote. We might even be rocking it.

Or Megan is anyway.

Venom Literati said...

hey thanks for fixing. sweet. hillary i know you're reading this and i'm sorry about the cig comment.

Emory said...

"I anxiously await your hate mail about this post and the negative image I am propagating of Barack by publishing this picture."

Actually we Obama supporters are getting pretty much immune to your negativity. So, with all due respect, while you anxiously await hate mail, I'll be content to do my part in unifying our Nation.

Post em' if you got em.