Friday, February 15, 2008

let me read it, then burn it

The debate about whether Nabokov's weirdo opera-singing, race-car driving son should burn Nabokov's unfinished final novel "The Original of Laura" continues here. I'm of the fascistic opinion that anyone who can correctly pronounce Nabokov's name should get to read it (so no Sting fans), then we should throw it in the Volga.


Megan said...

what the fuck is wrong with writers? you don't get to be a pussy and ask somebody to destroy your work after you're dead. if you really want it destroyed, destroy it yourself before you die. or don't fucking write it.

this is nabokov's pussy, writerly, passive-aggressive, inferiority-complex-induced ploy to protect himself in case his final manuscript sucks. and to ensure that when it doesn't suck, (because of course it isn't going to, because it's nabokov) everyone can say, "oh, thank jesus his son didn't burn it. thank jesus for this brilliant man," and he can be in the newspapers one last time...

i hate these debates. of course his son should publish it. der. i hope it's all the naughty parts that humbert humbert omitted from lolita. that would rule.

Meghan said...

megan, you are now my literary executor. publish, I mean, burn everything!