Friday, November 2, 2007

box woman

The Sun-Times had an inane review of the Diamanda Galás show at the MCA last week. The reviewer (hopefully an intern) wasted half of her meagre word count grading Galás on punctuality. That was followed by attempts to describe the indescribable, complaints that the songs were not in English and an incorrect use of the word "ironic." Kirk and I thought the show was fucking amazing and are making plans to move to New York and live in boxes (a la Kobo Abe's The Box Man) and convert Galás to homosexuality. I think she would like that and find it flattering. When are we going to see Jasper Johns?


Megan said...

I was just thinking about that exhibit the other day. I want to go soon. Also we're going out tonight to talk about the "magazine." I will call you later.

Meghan said...

I'll be in gay-ville tonight. Any chance you'll be anywhere near Halsted?