Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Many Mirandas

Friday, we meet.

In preparation, we must choose a ridiculous and somewhat awesome celebrity (or demi-celebrity) to invite to the meeting, and we must write a letter to Miranda Mellis.

My vote for ridiculous demi-celebrity is the recently ousted Domenico from A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. He probably doesn't have much else to do.

Here's a beginning to the letter:

Hey Miranda,

Do people ever call you Randy? Somehow I doubt it. But who am I to think I know you just because I read your book?

Please continue in the comments.


Missy said...

i heard yesterday that domenico is getting his own reality dating show on mtv called "that's amore". apparently the casting call just went out, so we better invite him before he becomes a real celebrity.

Sarah said...

Oh snap! Can I pick 'em or can I pick 'em? I should straight up be a talent scout.

G. F said...

miranda, we think you should create a reality show called "start over island" that is just like the one in your book, where nobody gets to start over in a very good way. probably middle-aged women will confuse it with "starting over." that is what will make it awesome: the destruction of their gooey expectations.

Megan said...

gf is really megan. whoops, i used marshmallow's blogger id.

i also want to say: your book is waaay better than miranda july's book. miranda july should be mandated to attend "start over island" so she can get smarter.

(i like starting wars between writers; sorry)