Monday, November 12, 2007

Now Meghan must be entertaining

Meghan commented in one of the previous posts that she refused to be entertaining until seeing more pictures of Beachwood. So blog away, Meghan. Entertain us all! Beachwood will inspire you!


Meghan said...

These are the cutest pictures ever! How did she get so big? Did she eat another kitten?

Sarah said...

But she looks so small when she's contemplating the aquarium. Ah, Beachwood: small and big, adorable and a predator. She teaches us about life. And love.

Missy said...

i thought beachwood was getting big and then i saw gato (aka mr. cake) last week and he looked so enormous to me, like he could eat beachwood in one gulp.

this morning, i lost beachwood inside my apartment so that must mean she is still small.

turns out she has the power of telekinesis and can open the door of the hallway closet, get inside it, and close the door again. or maybe she can teleport like dr. manhattan. because she is definitely not big enough to reach up and turn the doorknob. either way, after several minutes of frantic searching, i opened the closed closet door and found her inside. i know i did not open or close that door this morning. i only checked it because i had checked everywhere else that she could possibly be and could not find her. it was freaky.

Meghan said...

I'm pretty sure my cats taught her telekenesis. One time, I opened the door of the kitten room and she had wriggled herself under the door and into the living room. The only thing stopping her from freedom is that she suddenly feel asleep in the middle of liberation.

Kathy said...

i want to pet her on her furry little belly! i love her.

but seriously, we should really stop talking about cats all the time.

Missy said...

i only posted about beachwood to inspire more activity on the blog. i swear!

Megan said...

beachwood inspires the universe, missy. beachwood is god.

gato is tiny. he has an inferiority complex and grows all that fur so he can feel huge and all-powerful and godlike like beachwood. he knows he's got competition.

he plays with mice; beachwood would only get swallowed by his big fluffy hairdo.

gato's personality has morphed since his bath. he's lost that shady, filthy, criminal element that the greasy black stripe down his back invoked. now he is fluffy and beautiful like a moviestar and demanding manis and pedis all the time.