Thursday, November 1, 2007

Okay, so we're not psychic.

Those tests on that TV show were rigged. Like there must have been some kind of subliminal flicker that suggested the correct answer.

Because Abby and I tested each other's psychic ability at dinner last night by making faces at one another in the following manner: There were four faces we could make (sticking out tongue, scrunching lips, open mouth, buck-tooth); we counted down like rock/paper/scissors and made our faces, goal being that we make the same face. We succeeded once out of maybe 50 times.

That show duped me into feeling special, which makes me feel especially not special. You can go back to calling me Plain Old Sarah now. Or Average Sarah. That works, too.


Megan said...

you guys are hilarious. i totally pictured both of you doing "bucktoothed."

Megan said...

also, you should co-author a book about the silly things you do. it will be like "waiting for godot" only funnier and not-completely-depressing.

Anonymous said...

I think bucktoothed was the one we got right.

Also, I forgot to mention we did this in public. At Feed the Beast.

Megan said...

oh, that's even better. i hate today. i'm gonna blog all day long.

Anonymous said...

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