Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am performing a groundbreaking study

Isn't the word groundbreaking gross? So violent and messy. Poor ol' mother earth.

Anyway, this is the crux of the study: Does exercise correlate with improved mood/creativity? The answer so far is a resounding "yes."

Last night I ran and did yoga, and the day before that I rode the recumbent bike (affectionately referred to hertoafter as "The Cumby"), and the day before that I did the second workout in the Bikini Body Bootcamp series.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I will soon be like 20 times hotter than I already am. Actually no, what I'm saying is exercise makes me happier. Today I feel like a chirrupy little chipmunk who wants to write creatively. Also, work is less crushing.

We'll see what happens when the temperature drops again, but for now--hooray!


Kathy said...

the girl in that leotard looks so effing smug. i want to kick her in her pudgy little knees and punch her on her non-existent chin.

i did not go running and do yoga last night. i watched online episodes of cavemen. i am in a terrible mood.

Anonymous said...

Proof! I await my Nobel Prize for depression aversion.

Megan said...

the opposite of exercise also works: sleeping for 18 hours like a cat. the internets definitely cause depression.

Anonymous said...

Except that I rode The Cumby last night, too, and today I am in a terrible mood. Perhaps I need to test and re-test.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

The internet doesn't cuase depression Megan. It can be magical, if used appropriately. It's maybe the most amazing invention of all time.