Monday, November 12, 2007


My upstairs neighbor is moving out soon. I think she is a knitter. I've never actually seen her wearing a knitted sweater or knitted anything, but I wouldn't be surprised. Sometimes I see her around Wicker Park on one of her seventeen retro bicycles and she has a delirious grin on her face. I assume she is daydreaming about knitting, or about her cat Sasha who lives on my air conditioning unit and is my cats' mortal enemy. I don't really know that much about my neighbor, aside from the knitting, which I made up, and the fact that her living room is covered in a ginormous electric loom operated by robotic spiders, which I might also have made up. She doesn't do laundry very often. I like that about her. If you are a knitter who owns more than a week's supply of underwear, you should call my landlord and arrange to be my neighbor.

RELATED: Some nutjobs who were probably my neighbors at some point are knitting a coral reef to like, make a knitty commentary about Global Warming(via Gawker). Yeah, like that's not going to end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I'm going to build an
alpaca out of seashells and send it to them.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! The Beachwood pictures worked.

Kathy said...

that alpaca looks like that dog that we saw on saturday that looked like the wolf man in mexico. sarah, abby? you know? also, that alpaca looks like the wolfman.

Anonymous said...

Right, right. It was weird. The dog had a human face. It had a long nose with covered nostrils. Its eyes were aware. Its mouth, wide.

Megan said...

you should write a story about making up the knitting. it's very literary. you are so literary, meghan.