Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i would not mind giving birth to something evil as long as it was exciting

the following is an excerpt from a gmail chat that i had this morning. tao lin would be so proud. also, i edited it to make it more "skimmable." businesswomen everywhere would be so proud.

me: hey have you heard about that 8 limb girl in india?

Vinnie: yes, just watched a video on cnn actually
and she's a goddess, so watch yourself

me: parasitic twins!

Vinnie: that makes you happy?

me: sort of.
i just crave excitement. in any form.

Vinnie: as in not doing work
I get it, I get it

me: like, yesterday i was having this extended daydream where i realized i was pregnant, but clearly that's impossible, so the holy ghost must have impregnated me with the anti-christ.

and then i thought, "god, that would be exciting." and then i teared up a little.

Vinnie: oh, please write that as an episodic short

me: okay.

but i'm being serious, it made me a little bit sad. because i want so much for my life to be "about" something really big. even if that something is totally awful like giving birth to the anti-christ.

Vinnie: please blog this
and use that sentence

me: okay.

Vinnie: also, I hear you
I got the same problem and look at me, I'm weeks away from being broke with a BA degree and no direction for my life

I'd love to piss out the anti-Christ, even if it felt as bad as kidney stones

me: i'm glad that you understand. that makes me feel love for you.
i will blog it.


Anonymous said...

You guys are both funny. It makes me feel love for both of you.

Also, I too have felt that before. At least if something really bad is happening, it is still happening.

Anonymous said...

Also, Abby thought I had written this, not Kathy. Even members of Venom Literati cannot tell us apart.

Óscar Varona said...

Good conversation. Write about it.

Megan said...

you should make a collage of yourself birthing the antichrist. you could use text from nietzsche or something.

Megan said...

I love this post. But also I think Vinnie just wanted to be on our blog. Because everyone wants to be on our blog.