Monday, November 5, 2007

This is, like, for real

Those of you that know me well know of my obsession with parasitic and conjoined twins. Seriously, check this out.

Also, I really do want to have a conjoined twin party at some point. You will not be required to be fused at the pelvis to attend.


Kathy said...

whatever, i know what is going to happen when we have the conjoined twin party. all of you will be joint at the pelvis to your lovers and i will be forced to be conjoined with ollie.

except he'll be conjoined with eli. rats. rejected by a cat.

Anonymous said...

That would be so cute if you were conjoined with Ollie.

We could make a special rule where you have to be conjoined to an animal. I call Beachwood!

Megan said...

even if the animal rule remains, i can be attached to garrison. i often call him "giant kittycat" or "el tigre" instead of using his name. if you don't believe me that he is an animal, you should check out how much meat he eats.