Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guess what? I'm totally psychic.

So last night, Abby and I watched this program on the television where they find the most psychic psychic in America, and there were all of these little tests in between segments, and I am sooooo psychic.

I knew the girl was going to choose the pink dress. I knew the lady was going to choose the red nail polish. I knew everything. Because I am psychic.

In response, I am changing my life. Everyone is to call me Supersensory Sarah from now on. Also, I am going to start a business in which I find lost objects. Megan, your hair clip is under the kitchen sink. Kathy, your dignity is in outer space.

Also, Abby's psychic, too. I predict that she will be indignant in the comments section. Possibly Kathy, too.


Megan said...

I watched a show about Nostradamus the other night, but only because i was forced. Garrison likes Nostradamus and other supernatural things. His gramma has dreams about fish whenever someone in the fam is pregnant and she is allegedly always right. I hate Nostradamus and am really super disturbed by G's love. It caused an argument wherein we analyzed the predictions, which are totally not predictions, which are total bullshit. Your show sounds way better.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe in psychics now. This woman named Silvana was amazing. She knew everything, and she wasn't a total chach-bag about it like the others.

Also, boys have to be superstitious because they lack robust inner lives.

Take that, boys.

Kathy said...

my dignity is in plato's cave. it does not exist in real life. nothing in plato's cave exists in real life, even though he would argue that his cave is real life. but he can't because he's dead and he lacks a robust inner life. take that plato!