Thursday, January 24, 2008

Absurd Art is Awesome

Whoa, check out this Daniel Guido dude. He makes ridiculous "hand art" that looks exactly like animals. These are way more awesome than 1) shadow puppetry in the shape of animals, 2) actual puppets in the shape of animals, 3) actual animals, and 4) actual hands. How does one get into hand art though? I think it's some strange by-product of 1) schizophrenia, 2) beastiality, or 3) all of the above. Can you imagine masturbating with that hand that looks exactly like Beachwood? Whoa. Daniel Guido. Whoa.


Anonymous said...

Yes. This is awesome. I like to look at absurd art. Remember when we planned that field trip to the Art Institute but didn't go? We should go there or the MCA sometime.

Megan said...

oh yeah, we keep saying that. it should be a tuesday field trip since everything is free tuesdays.