Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby steps

My bathroom at work:

There are actually two; one is the ladies’ and one the gents’: One has black-and-white tiles and is completely disgusting; the other has stone-colored tiles and rust-colored walls and is also disgusting, but somehow less so. The less disgusting one is the ladies’. I almost never use that one, not because I like disgusting bathrooms or have gender issues, but because there is no mirror in there, and much of the reason I go to the bathroom during the day is to look in the mirror. I am hot, and looking at myself makes me happy.

Both bathroom color schemes are pretty masculine. The real reason I know the mirror-less one is the ladies’ is that it used to have pictures of the girls from Sex and the City displayed in frames. These pictures were cut out from magazines. I used to sometimes use this bathroom before we officially moved in because our then-bathroom was even more repulsive than either of the current bathrooms and occasionally could not be suffered. (We used to work on the opposite side of the hall. I snuck across.) When the woman who decorated the ladies’ bathroom moved out and we moved in, she took the pictures of the Sex gals, but left the frames. Now the frames are empty. I sometimes use them as makeshift mirrors when the other bathroom is occupied.

Baby steps away from pee week. Baby steps.


Megan said...

do you remember the bursar's office at the art institute where the ladies had the entire wall papered with pictures of denzel washington? it was like a denzel shrine. it sounds less scary than sex and the city magazine cutouts.

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about that. The Sex cutouts seemed at first like they were real people, by which I mean her friends. They were all of these candid shots. So weird.

Kathy said...

oh yeah the denzel walls! i would give anything to see those denzel walls again. like, $60,000. wait, i already gave that.