Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Piss Christ 2008" by Vinnie Lacey

Had Jesus been German
we'd have beer instead of wine
and bratwurst for unleavened bread.
The Weiner Schnitzel of Christ.

Had Jesus been Mayan
we'd have blood instead of blood
and flesh for flesh.
The Headless Holy One.

Had Jesus been R. Kelly
we'd have shit for brains
and urinate on one another.
The Perverted Prince of Penis.




Anonymous said...

Also, he is the most religious person I both know and like, but you can't really tell that.

Megan said...

You WISH jesus was R. Kelly. You wish YOU were R. Kelly.

Vinnie said...

Wait a minute, Eaton. You can't tell that I am religious. Or that you like me? Or both?

Anonymous said...