Wednesday, January 9, 2008

two poems by gregory lytle


there are dinosaurs' remains frozen at who knows where up north.
i knew it and i sat at the edge of the boardwalk. where the thing is you can look through.
and i looked through it. waiting for the thaw.
after about a year and a few months there came a huge something floating out there and i knew it.
but i had to pee and when i have to pee i can't enjoy anything.
i ran into the little building where the bathrooms and the do not bathe in me sinks are and i went.


every second is a mystery but why does it feel like i've done this before?


matthew said...

these are super great. "pee" is titled with such simple elegance. it is my favorite pee poem ever written.

Megan said...

that second one is seriously brilliant. and pee PLUS dinosaurs--what more can you ask for? i love dinosaurs.