Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I think I'm coming down with something

1. If I lived in France, I would know if I had the raging raw-throated beginnings of what we'll call Kathy's disease. Because I would be able to have a doctor come to work and tell me. "Go home," that doctor would say, and I would say, "Okay!"

2. I think I should probably have a "network."

3. Those tongue-depressors that doctors use to look at your throat totally creep my shiz out. Tongue sliver.

4. I was thinking about vaccines yesterday because I have to invent one that will stop Megan's students from eating her brain and turning her into a zombie. And then I thought about this book I read as a child about the power of believing in yourself and Louis Pasteur and how he invented the rabies vaccine, and I remember the soldiers that were in the syringe going through the needle into the body and then beating the living you know what out of the angry little anthropomorphicized rabies thingies.

5. And then I thought about Cochise and Abraham Lincoln because those were the other two books in that series that I had. Truth and trust and respect, respectively.

6. I have been trying to make a schedule for at least two hours. I cannot bring myself to do it. The future is hard to grasp.

7. I read this thing on yahoo or similar yesterday that says like all of humanity is on this downward slope toward depression all the way until you're 50-ish, and then you start going back toward happiness. I wonder how much this has to do with working. Probably loads.

8. Every day is so cold now. I don't think I've been warm once in the last week.


Megan said...

damn you sick bitches. i wanna play this weekend! playing is the antidote to the student-brain-eatings.

Anonymous said...

So simple, yet so hard to do.

I still want to have a super bowl party, but Abby has her auditions the very next day and doesn't want to cross the path of temptation.

Will someone else host it?

Kathy said...

everyone is going to come down with "Kathy's disease" sooner or later. plan your futures accordingly.

Megan said...

maybe we will. but that means there will be a boy there. hmm...

Anonymous said...

And he will be mad at me if I want to talk about unicorns or kittens. Well, maybe not kittens.

Megan said...

he would rather talk about kittens than football any day. he definitely talks about kittens more than football. the unicorns he will not go for, to be sure. he is a realist, that man. except for when he believes in premonitions, and also the lochness monster.