Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why am i not in france right now

i am crazy ass sick. well, i was. now i am just normal sick. but, like, on saturday i was so illin' that i had to hold on to the walls to get from the bathroom to my bed. what the?

i have mostly been unconscious since then, but i woke up this afternoon and now that i'm only normal sick i am able to do things like watch television. so i watched sicko. not because i'm sick. that is just coincidence.

anyway, the point is i learned that on top of having cuter haircuts and better music, and being more adorable and sassier, france also has awesomer health care. and nannies that come to your house for free after you have a baby. and a minimum of five weeks paid vacation. and doctors that make house calls. that would have come in handy earlier today when i was crawling to jewel in the rain for some nyquil.


Anonymous said...

Let's all move to France today. We are good with language. We will be like natives in three weeks.

I am glad you are only normal sick now.

matthew said...

this free healthcare is all over europe. spreading like a desease. it's the new black plague of death. except the opposite. it hops and skips through cobble stone streets yelling "all hail america, home of your father's right to own a gun but not comprehensive family healthcare so be careful where you shoot yourself late friday night after the school dance where all the girls with short skirts laugh at you for staring and then call you gay when you look away."

Megan said...

hey sarah, you stole my comment. let's move to france immediately.