Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"when i got there, i peed" by matthew savoca

sometimes when i talk out loud i hear my voice and my voice out loud sounds like the out loud voice of someone else.

i speak out loud the following phrase:

you aren't happy when i'm happy.

i speak it out loud and i hear my voice say it and it is one of those times when my out loud voice sounds like someone else's. it sounds like your out loud voice. i am in the middle of walking to the bathroom and i stop in the hallway and try to reconstruct the previous moment:

out loud you said,

i'm not happy when you're happy.

i continued walking to the bathroom and when i got there, i peed.


Sarah said...

Mark your calendars: Today is FIRST ANNUAL Matthew Savoca pee poem day. Soon to be recognized by all.

Megan said...

i am often not happy when other people are happy--or because they are happy. thank you for making me feel better about myself.