Thursday, January 10, 2008

EggBoy pee poetry

In slumber, ever inviting
The planter calls
My bladder twitches

Sphincters sleep on watch
The planter hails
My bladder chortles

Salty waste flows
Spreading on flannel
Such warmth, such solace

Guilt floods the senses
Mocking my disgust
So itchy, so cold


Megan said...

this should be on that spoken word tape you and sarah made. or am i making that up?

Andy said...

You are correct, MegPie. It is not unlike "Fag Bags". Perhaps we shall add Pee Poetry to the Fag Bags tape when I am next in Chicago. Thank you for your suggestion.

Megan said...

awesome! i love when you call me meg pie. i feel so cute and adorable.