Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i have travel anxiety

i am going to indiana tomorrow. whenever i leave town i get nervous and sad. it feels like when i was little and i had sleepovers with my best friend sarah. she lived next door. so even though my mom was like 20 feet away, i still almost always freaked out and ran home in the middle of the night. i didn't have far to run. it was basically just across the driveway.

once i went on a cross-country trip with 3 other people. we were driving from indiana to california. after about 20 minutes on the road i freaked out and begged them to take me home. they didn't. i got over it eventually.

when i have anxiety the one thing that makes me feel better is knowing that other people feel the same anxiety. please tell me if you freak out when have to leave town. i prefer stories that make you sound crazier than me. thank you.


Sarah said...

Dear Kathy,

I freak out when I leave town. I panic about domestic things like leaving the oven on, and also I have bizarre panic attacks about things like inadvertently closing Eli into the refrigerator. Which is clearly impossible.

Tee Minus

Megan said...

Me too. Especially if I am going to visit my family. Usually I think I will die in a very bloody accident along the way. But then by the time I get in my car I feel safe again and stop thinking about accidents. It's weird, because I never feel like that on planes.

Mike Young said...

I have panic attacks riding the Amherst to Northampton bus. Lately I've had a recurring dream where I am screaming at my father in anger and he is grinning dumbly or wryly maybe. Those dreams I don't like for being lame and cliche. The only thing that saves them is that they all somehow involve Barack Obama.

Kathy said...

barack obama has been showing up in a lot of people's dreams.

one summer i saw sadam hussein like three times--once driving down lakeshore drive and twice waiting for the bus. this was the summer before his capture. also, i was awake.

debbie in vermont said...

hi kathy
i have travel anxiety too i live in vermont i'm going to california on the train this month with my husband for a vacation im so scared when i tell my friends and family im scared they want to know why but i can't explain it but when i read your story i said OMG thats me!!!! so kathy your not alone