Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today I Discovered Some Journals That I Don't Hate

So I've been on a super-journal/press-research-bender these days. As in: I have been chaining myself to my computer for a couple hours every day to do this research that I really hate doing. It is frickin' painstaking, mostly because I am a big bitch when I look for places to send stuff. I hate most places I find and do a lot of eyerolling and sighing and hair-tearing. (See picture of dude biting his inkpen in half. I look sort of like that.)

My therapist would say these dramatic reactions and also my hatred of so many journals is in actuality some kind of defense/coping mechanism. I think Charles Simic is the only poet my therapist knows. When I tell him how my work doesn't fit with the aesthetic of usual journals and presses because it's off-kilter, he then compares me to Charles Simic and reminds me that Charles Simic is quirky and can also be found at Borders. That makes me really mad. I hate talking to my therapist about writing but it's pretty much all we ever talk about.

Anyway, I found a couple of journals that I do really like today. I love this piece, The Kookaburra's Tale, by Kira Henehan, which appears in Unsaid. I also really like the journals Forklift Ohio, GlitterPony (possibly just because it is called GlitterPony), and ActionYes. I am adding them to our links.


Anonymous said...

Good job, Megan! All I have been doing lately is looking at pictures of adorable baby animals online.

Kathy said...

"Charles Simic is quirky and can also be found at Borders."


Megan said...

i would rather look at adorable baby animals. will you post pictures of the tiny monkeys so i don't have to look at senor pen-biter anymore?

Anonymous said...

Consider it done.