Friday, January 25, 2008

We don't talk about real, actual venom very much

One thing I like about winter is the killer bees that live on my block do not chase me. Because they are either dead or sleeping under the ground.

This is the scariest hornet ever (pictured): Jefe told me that it shoots flesh-eating venom in human's eyes, and that the venom contains phermones that attract other hornets, so hornets basically eat your effing eyes.

That's unsubstantiated, though, because I can't find any record of that particular occurrence--even though it theoretically could. Plus, the hornet makes all kinds of scary insect top ten lists.

What does our venom do? Cause foxing on old, boring texts? Bring on fits of manic typing? Put you to sleep?


TheNeez said...

If you can tell me the difference between poison and venom without Googling it (I'm staring right at you, K Regula) I will bestow upon you a prize.

(Hint: The prize is knowledge.)

Anonymous said...

theneez keeps his distance, fearing we might bite, stab or otherwise pierce him.

TheNeez said...

I am captain of the convoluted answer squad, Sarah, don't think you're getting one by me that easily. You are correct.

Megan said...

our venom creates brilliance, of course. duh. read our blog already.