Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"How many babies come from urine?" by Blake Butler

She said since I wouldn't fuck,
could I at least help wet her bellybutton?
I obliged, half-hearted, cringing,
and wiped the after-dripping on my sleeve.
Since then I've spoken to several doctors on several continents
and each has assured me that all babies die, regardless.
I still feel like shit.
My skull is swollen with all this excess sperm.
My mom is coming over.
My pee is made of diet root beer, coffee and tap water.
The multivitamins make it neon.


Kathy said...

sarah just said: "oh, now i get it. he made her pregnant by peeing in her belly button."


Anonymous said...

Kathy is totally making that up. I said, "Oh, that's how babies are made."

Megan said...

we should send all the pee poems to the new yorker in an enormous packet. or to poetry magazine.