Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Belmont El Stop, piercing blue eyes - w4m - 26

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Date: 2007-10-04, 9:30AM CDT

You: Clean-cut business type with relentless hungry gaze, listening to iPod. Blue shirt, black pants, just a hint of manly stubble.
Me: Pretty, petite blonde who could not stop imagining burying my face in your chest. Could you tell?

One possible problem: Was that a wedding ring? It doesn't matter to me if it doesn't matter to you. I bet I'll do things she won't.

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Hi. Good morning!

It may have been me. But there are so many hotties at Belmont, how's one to know? Just in case I am your missed connection, I thought you might enjoy a better glimpse at that chest of mine. I do fit your description, so perhaps I'm the one you're seeking. And I'm glad it doesn't matter to you, cause it doesn't matter to me either...

[Description of photo]: Hairy headless torso; jeans undone just enough to show nothing.


Was a wedding ring, she won't know


Hey there,

Could you tell me what time and day did this happen??

Thanks and I hope your having a good day, I am a little tired from last night..


Could be me, though probably not. Black pants, blue shirts and blue eyes are a dime a dozen on the El. But I am a clean cut business type who rides in from Belmont every morning. And I do have blue eyes. So who knows. When was this? Morning? Evening? What day? Anything else you can add?


What kind of hair, and color

long, short, balding?


Manly stubble. Funny, I always figured you guys thought it was cheesy.......

Time and direction details?? As the description is close.......and I do remember one particularly attractive individual.



Wow...I have never read these before, and my first time browsing through, and I think your post is about me. I was at the Belmont station all week for some work around there. My only question is...there were alot of pretty, petite blondes...which one was you? Well a little about me to see if Im the one your thinking of...6'0, Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic, 165 lbs, 26....and although it may have appeared to be a wedding ring...actually it was not.


I transfer at the belmont stop everyday and I dress for the office. I have blue eyes and short blond/light brown hair, and am about 5'10''. No ring though so maybe not me. I keep a short beard or stubble or whatever you want to call it.


Did you find your man?I was there on Tuesday around 7pm ... I had the black pants, blue shirt,blue eyes, iPod and the wedding ring, but if you are who I think you are,that won't matter.

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