Tuesday, October 16, 2007

orange you glad i didn't say banana?

yesterday my aforementioned missed connections mystery man neil kubath wrote you helped me with my oranges and then i wrote this in response. we are adorable.

i typed my missed connection in outlook yesterday and it capitalized "Steve" against my will. and i didn't notice until i had already published it. and it bothers me so much. damn you, microsoft. you win again.


Kathy said...

also, sarah is gone today. i miss sarah.

Megan said...

too cute, too cute, kathryn.

Neil said...

How long has our affair been made known to the public? I could have scrolled down, but clicking the comment box and reading what other people are saying is much easier/complicated, especially when I was offered the chance to "Leave your comment" pertaining to this very blog; a chance I clearly have not missed.

Kathy said...

i believe it has been known ever since i told you that you are even hotter than mr. wizard.

you should scroll down.

Neil said...

Neil scrolls when Neil wants to scroll. Guess what? Neil don't wanna scroll right now. Scrolling ain't what Neil does on a whim. Neil is not one to scroll when told. Remember that.