Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tupelo Press Dorset Prize

Poets, you can now send those things you’ve been working on with all of that white space to a special prize that rewards that sort of thing. $10,000 is the reward. Also included is international fame among poets and a book launch, probably attended by a bunch of other poets who may or may not correct your grammar as small talk. (One of my first parties in grad school involved a poet who shall remain nameless saying I could not use the expression “accidentally/ on purpose” because it wasn’t “proper English.” Poets can be chach-bags too. And make money, apparently. I learn new things every day.


Kathy said...

is the poet the one that is leaning over the bench throwing up?

i am probably going to ball everything i've ever written into a book and send it to this tupelo press. they published amy england. they will never publish me.

i'll just send them something as a joke to entertain myself. perhaps 80 pages of missed connections?

Kathy said...

hey megan and sarah--perhaps we can submit our secret book? it's a 48 page minimum. the deadline isn't until december!

Anonymous said...

Kathy! You revealed Top Secret Project Number Seven, as well as Top Secret Project Number One!

You would be a terrible spy.

Also, yes. We should send in Top Secret Project Number One.

flabby-abby1973 said...

Kathy. Please report to headquarters immediately. We need to discuss your Literati status. This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds and anyone who has read this post will be subject to memory alteration. Agents Sarah and Megan get on that ASAP! Top Secret means TOP SECRET!

Meghan said...

I thought the whole point of a top secret project was that everyone knows about it, therefore, it's above suspicion.