Wednesday, October 24, 2007

which hills?

i have been sitting in front of my laptop at the kitchen table for too long. i can't feel my right arm. my missed connection is bordering on delirium. it is called you do not know what "the hills" is. that is adorable.

i actually also wrote a sincere missed connection called hot bartender at the underground wonder bar. my goal is to have 100 online boyfriends. nay, 1,000.

someone wrote a stunning response to my mr. magoo post. read it!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love your missed connections so much I could spit.

Megan said...

and i love them so much i could swallow. (sarah, possible topic here for a raunchy missed connection?)

i also love how you described yourself sitting at your kitchen table with your laptop. it warmed my heart. whenever any of us sits down to write, we should blog about it. i feel so connected and writerly.