Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today, I chose this picture because I am so intensely-sort-of-annoyed! The city broke me today. It made me weep. I am a child when I am frustrated and I will scream and bawl and carry on and whine and caterwaul and squall and yammer and for a finale...........PISS AND HOLLER!
But! I'm also in a good mood as determined by my insides. I asked my shrink why I am not in control. She had no easy answer so I walloped her.
I am going crazy trying to park downtown so I can see her. But I feel it would be crazier to just give up. I have been rewarded lately for not giving up. My heart gives me medals and my brain shakes my hand. I feel less weak if not a little strong.
I was just distracted by my picture.
My mother taught me how to hold two opposing ideas simultaneously. I try to be one person all the time. That is not boring. It is preferable. But my insides don't know from preferable and just do what they fucking want anyway. So, I have decided to distract them with as many burritos as I can find. And CHIPS TOO!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture. Also, I want a burrito. A breakfast burrito.

Kathy said...

i am trying to be one person all the time too. it is not boring. you are right. my brain is shaking your brain's hand.

Megan said...

because you spelled CHIPS in all caps, i instantly thought about the tv show with eric estrada. i should make my students watch CHIPS, because they could probably relate to eric estrada better than anything i make them read.

when i try to be one person people look at me funny, except you guys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the key to being able to become one person is acceptance of the funny looks. I get them, too.