Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i am not afraid of fire dancers or love

dear literati,

guess what, i am working with text and image. i am a real artist now. finally. my missed connection yesterday was fire dancer on my morning commute, and it was partially inspired by these photographs by neil kubath, or as he likes to be known, "neil guy awesome."

here are some other missed connections to tickle your gullet:
helping you stretch in the office makes me so happy
i followed you into the girl's bathroom at borders this morning
it is your birthday today

my fire dancer missed connection made me kind of sad. i think the girl in it really is philophobic. that's why she says she's not. that is sad. or maybe she used to be philophobic but she got over it. that is good.

are we meeting on friday? i vote yes. even though i am only 1/3 of the way through the book. why do all you bitches read so fast.




Meghan said...

I read the title too quickly and thought it said: The Fire Dancers of Love...which sounds like a really awesome slogan for syphilis. I'm going to re-brand syphilis. You can use that if you decide to do any casual encounters poetry.

Kathy said...

re-branding syphilis is one of our mission statements, is it not?

you are always on the ball.

Anonymous said...

I want to meet tomorrow night and turn my tongue black. I may go unconscious at the table, but you can draw on me with Sharpies if I do. Fun for all.