Friday, October 5, 2007

I have to remember that I am a grown-up

I'm never sure if my blog posts belong on my personal blog or on this one.

I think I got them reversed today.

Dear Venom Literati,

Does anyone else have trouble taking a stand? Do you feel scared that someone else will steal your happiness if you do?

Also, do you ever feel like everyone else is always right when you're in an argument because You're Just Not Like That? (Apparently I should be taking notes on life, which can be used later.)

And plus also too, when you finally take a stand, shouldn't you feel, like, empowered, or some other bullshit word that means something like that? Because I don't. I just feel scared. But I'm a grown-up and what I say matters just as much as what other people say.



Megan said...

everything i like to post goes on venom literati. everything that i don't like to post goes on my personal blog. everything entertaining, such as this letter, should always go on venom literati. all personal blogs should suck.

Megan said...

taking a stand always makes you feel like shit. all of the stands i have taken in the last year have made me feel like shit and made me super-depressed and disempowered. because taking a real stand, a REAL-REAL stand, always changes your life dramatically. and that is scary.

eventually you get over the stand you took, and understand that it was right and that your life is better in the important ways, even if it is worse in other ways.

people who write or create things are never right in arguments. this is because we think. and because we, like frances johnson, overthink everything. and it is also because we are sensitive and fucked up. i have never once won an argument with anyone.

it is weird being sincere on this blog, isn't it? this is not hotel prose. but i am not ashamed.

Kathy said...

dear sarah,

you are confusing yourself with other people again. you are confusing yourself with someone who is wrong. that is not you.



Kathy said...

also i realized this morning that there are no businesswomen. there are just businessmen with boobs.



Anonymous said...

I think if Venom Literati ever got in an argument, we would all change our minds and then argue the opposite position for a while, and then smoke cigarettes and be happy again. That is my dream.