Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remedy #3,562

I ordered another thing yesterday that will definitely change my life. It is this little blue light box, to counteract my SAD/winter insanity. Other life-changing remedies I have recently subscribed to include B Vitamins, Fish Oil, and various cheap aromatherapeutic agents that all smell the same. I don't think any of these really work, except to cause people to flee from me because of my fishy burps or overwhelming lavendar smell.

The blue light box, however, will obviously work. Plus it will make me as tan as this lady in the picture. (Although she does look like she's gritting her teeth, doesn't she? Maybe she hasn't used it for long enough yet.) I hope that just my face gets tan and not my neck or any of the rest of me, because that always looks awesome, like when my mom puts on her peachy makeup and then her face is a totally different color than her neck. Or like in Junior High when spring arrived and we'd all slather on the self-tanner that made our legs orange. Or it will burn my face off, like that sun lamp my Homecoming date my sophomore year of high school used, that made his face was all burny and peely-looking in the pictures. I was so pissed. I tried not to go, and then to not have our pictures taken. That relationship was weird; I sat on his lap like a little kid a lot but we never made out. Not once.

If it doesn't work, I'll bring it to winter meetings and we can still sit on the back deck and pass it around as a source of warmth and pretend we're in Mexico or someplace tropical. Or use it as a Speak and Spell because I think it is obviously a recycled Speak and Spell/Light Bright.


Anonymous said...

I want this thing, too. When I am at work, I do not turn the lights on because they are flourescent and make me have big headaches. When they are off, I feel appropriately subdued and depressed, and much more able to work. And then my boss comes in and flips the lights on. Or else I leave to go to the bathroom and Kevin flips the lights on.

My happiness is the most important at work. Except for Kathy's. Hers is equally important. And Jeff's. But he likes the lights off, too.

If I had a speak'n'spell mood light, I bet none of these lights dramas would occur.

Megan said...

i'll tell ya if it works. (nameless boss) would probably flip if you got one. i can't wait for our meeting this weekend!

Kathy said...

it's so little. how can it do the same thing as the sun?

you should wear blue blockers. blue blockers are giant blue tented glasses that decrease anxiety. they also look super cool.

Anonymous said...

(Nameless boss) has blueblockers.

flabby-abby1973 said...

Your Homecoming date was Gay, Gay, Gay.